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B2B Marketplaces: 7 challenges and trends to focus on

Over the past few months, the success of the B2B marketplace model has been proven. However, there are many B2B eCommerce challenges if compared with the traditional B2C market.

From technology and organisational strategies to business, product and legal subjects, it’s time to face these challenges and trends to focus on.

Business: finding the right business model for your B2B marketplace
Regulation: key legal aspects to keep in mind
Product/Experience: the essential features to embed into your B2B marketplace
It’s all about ecosystem: building the right ecosystem to drive growth

Let’s dive into some of the opportunities that B2B marketplaces will be facing in 2022 to ensure sustainable business success.


Jérémie Chemla
Associate Director



Martin-Pierre Gaultier
Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer


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