Online Boost #3 - E-Procurement Marketplaces : boosting and streamlining your B2B buying processes

Connecting service offerings with customers:
the rise of the marketplace model

Join us on November 5, 2020 at 11am CET

The service industry represents 74% of GDP in high-income countries.


The Marketplace (r)evolution therefore extends to services and allows platform operators to secure the service offering quality and consistency, generate more trust for the customers, operate in a more efficient way and to better follow up on activity and revenues, etc. 

We have combined our expertise with CocoLabs in order to discuss this booming trend, to present you the future of service offering and why the marketplace model is a key lever to better engage with your customers. 


 What is a marketplace and what are the advantages of this model for service offering?  Anthoni Noyon, CEO - Cocolabs

 Payment flows: what are the needs inherent to a service offering marketplace? Martin-Pierre Gaultier, Chief Comercial & Marketing Officer – Lemonway

 Business case – 360travaux 

Q&A session

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