VAT & Marketplaces: what are the major changes coming?

3D-Secure v2 - what are the impacts for your marketplace?

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As part of PSD2 and standardising European payment operations, the 3D Secure 2.0 system becomes mandatory for all in April 2021. This makes authentication — which was previously optional or controlled by sellers, PSPs, or banks — mandatory and controlled at an EU level.

While 3DS protocol has improved online payment security, its gradual roll-out seems to raise concerns with regard to the user buying journey.

🚨 What changes are marketplace operators facing?

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Guillaume de Longeaux
Consulting on Retail Payments Innovation and Public Affairs


Guillaume de Longeaux


 Why a 3DS-v2 and what does it involve?

 What is the state of the art on 3DS-v2 as of today?

 Why is the topic in almost constant evolution?

 How to optimise your payment conversion rates on your marketplace?

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