Case study

How to pursue

expansion and reach
5bn€ of annual loan
volume in 3 years?

EstateGuru is the leading Pan-European marketplace for property-backed loans

In order to pursue an ambitious expansion strategy, EstateGuru needed a strong payment partner. A perfect match was found with Lemonway.

In this case study you will learn about:

EstateGuru's objectives

Why did EstateGuru choose Lemonway to handle all national and cross-border payment services?

The perfect match between EstateGuru and Lemonway

Our relationship is quite open and honest. We understand each other’s challenges, as we are both growing fast, but at the same time we feel that Lemonway is solution-oriented, which is very vital! There have been challenges, but one-by-one we have solved those in cooperation. We are satisfied with Lemonway, that they can provide reliable solutions and support the growth.

Riivo Pilvik | Head of Product | EstateGuru

EstateGuru’s main decision criteria for selecting a PSP

Behind the defined criteria to select the perfect PSP laid a long-term outlook and all options were evaluated against EstateGuru’s strategic plans. The services had to fully cover the existing needs and be able to adapt to the growth and expansion of the marketplace.

This implied a deep knowledge of local regulations and regulators in the markets in which EstateGuru operates and plans to expand as well as a capacity to adapt technically to arising needs. The technical maturity of the service provider’s solution and the complexity of integration with the EstateGuru solution as well as the implementation cost and pricing structure was also key in the decision.

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