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How is the marketplace model revolutionising the service market?

Discover in this white paper the potential of the
marketplace model and its advantages for the service market!

In the digital age, sellers and buyers can be online everywhere and at any time: 

They are no longer dependent on their geographical
location to be put in contact. In this digital landscape, marketplaces act as real virtual networking hubs.

In this white paper you will discover:


Marketplace: an under-exploited model for selling online services

The specificities of the service marketplace

5 keys to create a successful service marketplace

Lemonway x Cocolabs x Second: the best partners of choice to design your marketplace of service

Marketplace: an under-exploited model for selling online services

Selling services online is currently in a paradoxical situation.

Although under-represented and under-regarded, it is more significant than retail and grows at double-digit rates every year. Thus, selling services online is a new business opportunity. Indeed, while in 2021, services will account for 73% of the economy, they will account for only 35% of online sales (excluding insurance and financial services).

Given that services account for 60% of global GDP, the sale of services online is a vast market that has not yet been addressed. Indeed, while retail has already been digitised, services seem intended to be next on the list. 

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