CASE STUDY - Why Engie trusted Lemonway to secure transactions on its circular-economy B2B marketplace

Comment Engie a fait confiance à Lemonway pour sécuriser les transactions sur sa marketplace B2B d'économie circulaire

The Engie Group is aware of the climate emergency and its role in this area, and has set itself the goal of contributing to a transition to a carbon-neutral world. By introducing radical strategic changes, Engie managed to reduce its CO2 emissions by 56% between 2012 and 2018.

The Group has also given itself a raison d’être in 2020 to take this CSR approach further. The aim is to achieve both financial performance and a positive impact on
people and the planet.
As part of this commitment, Engie created its circular-economy B2B marketplace BeeWe, where users of different Group entities can buy and sell replacement parts. This ambitious environmental project aims to make intra-Group transactions possible through e-procurement.

 In this case study, you'll find out how Lemonway and Engie partnered to solve the technical and regulatory challenges implied in such a project.

1. BeeWe: a platform to add value to dormant stock

2. Challenges: Regulatory and technical

3. Solution: how Lemonway overcame BeeWe’s challenges

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