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E-procurement Marketplace & purchasing transformation 

The answer to the growth challenges of tomorrow 

Whether you are new to the e-procurement marketplace model or ready to get started : 

We accompany you in your purchasing processes transformation. 

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What is an e-procurement marketplace?

The main challenges for purchasing functions

How to get started ? Key steps to create your e-procurement marketplace 

  • Clearly define your value proposition 
  • Drawing up a business plan
  • Choose the right technology for your project 
  • Set up an adapted payment solution 

How to transform your purchasing processes to answer growth challenges? 

The new generations of purchasing managers are wondering whether the habits that prevailed until now are still the most appropriate.

E-procurement appears to be one of the main levers for corporate purchasing. To optimise the purchasing process, various e-procurement solutions exist on the market and the B2B marketplace model is becoming increasingly popular.

Reducing administrative costs related to purchasing, controlling expenses and inventory, simplifying sourcing, etc. The e-procurement marketplace has many advantages and is the perfect answer to the dual challenge of time and profitability for purchasing functions. 

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